Do You Bo!

I’m done. I don’t know if you know it or not but I’ve been done for a while. Done caring what you think of me. Good or bad that’s your business.


I think it’s sad that many of you will never get to this point. You think it matters what someone thinks or says about you? Really?


What does matter is what you think of yourself. Here’s what I do. I accept things as they are. As a child I wanted to be a boy, I was a Tomboy. I tried keeping up with my brothers but boys do dumb things, like playing SWAT and jumping off garages. Exhausting.


As a teen I decided at some point that I wasn’t a follower or a joiner, so I did me with a vengeance. Talk about me? Let me give you something to talk about. Huh!


As an adult I decided I must be interesting because people stare at me, talk about me and constantly pursue my friendship. My attitude hasn’t changed much. Look at me all you want. As a matter of fact know that I have a good inexhaustible supply of energy, suck it in, breathe it in just take it, I’ll get more. Talk about me, think about me and allow that energy to infuse you with all the joy that emanates from me.


Yeah you probably think I’m so full of myself, lol. No I’m so full of God. I audaciously believe that I’m a facet through which this essence we know as God flows. So too are you. Want better flow? Clean your filter. That means freely give as you have received. It means forgiving others. It means knowing that we are all entitled to the very best that life has to offer us. “As I see you, I shall see myself.” I can have only what I desire for you to have. No more. No less.


It’s that attitude that makes or breaks your world. You decide what your attitude will be. Not your job, family, income, schooling or traffic. You! Do some soul searching. What attitudes or ideas serve you? Which ones don’t? You can change.

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