Meet Sandra

Sandra speaks!  "I've been out in front of audiences all of my adult life. Words have creative power and I use them to help transform lives.  I can help you by simply pointing the way."

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Spiritual Leader | Motivational Speaker

In Cleveland? Join Sandra Sunday afternoons at Agape Renaissance Center.  Here trans-denominational talks that help you fall in love with yourself, and kick your life into super drive.

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Facilitator | Trainer

In the workplace Sandra is an experienced trainer/facilitator.  Sandra has delivered countless EAP (employee assistance program) training throughout the area.   If you are dealing with the work place issues of any type, let's talk. . .

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Be Inspired!


You are a divine being, put here on this planet at this time on purpose, with purpose.  Each of us seeks meaning in our lives, some guiding principle that allows you to know when you are on the right track.  Confirmation doesn't come from the world.  You can get all the titles, money or material possessions you want.  Things are not the barometer to gauge whether you're living a purpose-filled life.

Achieving purpose is not an event, it's an on going daily unfoldment that requires you to show up fully every moment of your life.  Learn to not just deal with the issues that arise but to breath spirit into them.  Breathing spirit into events is what it means to inspire. Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Fortunately, this is the right time.  It's the moment appointed by God for our paths to intersect.  Let's not wait another a moment.  Let's connect today.


Weekly Podcast

"I love just pulling my chair up to a microphone and seeing what spills from my mouth.  It's amazing how my rants can be such a blessing for myself and others.  Listen with an open heart & see what spirit has to say to you through me. "